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Warner Brothers Looney tunes. Road Runner Marvin The Martian Syvester Bugs Tweety Taz Loony Tunes WB Licensed Tie Licensed Loony Tunes Licensed Tie

This tie has the tag on the back of it that says; Loony TUNES Stamp Collector TM 1997 Warner Brothers (C) TM 2 (C) 1997 United States Postal Service copy right.

This tie seems to be in excellent condition.

I purchased it out of some ones collection at an estate sale. I believe he was a smoker for it has that smell.

My home is smoke free where it has been stored until I am posting it today.

With a very reasonable price

The characters on this tie are:

Road Runner

Bugs Bunny,



Tasmanian Devil, also referred to as Taz,

Marvin The Martian

This tie is mint and seems ,to be harly worn or used.

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