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Michael Jackson Thriller Porcelain Sculpture Memorabilia 'King of Pop'.

Back in the '80 Michael Jackson was a collector of the Laurenz Disney Licensed Porcelain sculptures by Enzo Arzenton, exclusively sold by Forest Lamps & Gifts worldwide. Michael Jackson was so impressed with the work that one day he contacted the Sculptor Mr. Enzo Arzenton.

Through various correspondences Mr. Jackson asked Mr. Arzenton to make a sculpture of him. The theme of the sculpture Mr. Jackson choose was 'Thriller'.

After the completion Michael Jackson was so impressed with the work that he sent him a thank you letter (copy below) and a request for a second piece.

Michael Jackson's Dangerous Tour started June 27, 1992 at the Olympic Stadium in Munich Germany, the tour lasted for over a year when it finally concluded in Mexico City on November 11, 1993.

On this tour Michael Jackson performed for approximately 3.5 million people in 67 concerts.

The proceeds of the tour Michael Jackson donated to charities, including the Heal The World Foundation.

On July 6, 1992 at the Monza (Milano) Italy concert Michael Jackson met the sculptor Enzo Arzenton and his wife Laura.

Michael Jackson was very interested in promoting this sculpture to collectors, for some reason the deal was never consummated and in the end only six (6) pieces were made.

I am very fortunate in to be able to bring you one of the six pieces.

With the unfortunate untimely death of Michael Jackson a lot of memorabilia will be available to those collectors who are willing to pay the price. Items such as unopened record albums to a wide variety of items.

If you would like to place a purchase or an offer or ask any questions please do so. I know this is expensive but remember this is one of 6 in the entire world.

If you would like to see a photo of Michael Jackson in concert with the same outfit he wore when he met Mr. & Mrs. Enzo Arzenton email me for this picture.

I am selling the sculpture only! I am not selling the original letter or the original picture sent to the Arzenton's by Michael Jackson, the article from the Italian Newspaper is also not included in this sale but if you purchase this item you are welcome to copy them to your computer or request me to send copies out with your order this must be requested by you.

This sculpture was made specifically for Michael Jackson, never released to the public. This piece was approved by Michael Jackson himself.

The shipping cost is high because I will have this piece professionally packaged which is very expensive.

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