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Futurama-Chef Bender-Mom-Series 8 - Roberto Build a Bot

Futurama-Chef Bender-Mom--Series 8 Roberto Build a Bot

Futurama come with build you own Roberto Bot parts.

Each action figure comes with Exclusive Roberto Build A bot part in order to be able to build Roberto Bot you would need the other 2 pieces to complete the Roberto Build a Bot.

Chef Bender

Even though he was built with tastes buds, chef Bender takes tremendous pride in his cooking. His meals are always seasoned perfectly, with salt content at 10% below a fatal dose. His specialties include Neptunian slug, baked pony, and pie a la insect swarm.


Known only by her nickname, Mom is the best loved corporate mogul on Earth. The CEO of Mom’s Friendly Robot Company, Mom Co, Mombil, and numerous other holding companies, the kindly old lady is loved by young and old alike. Beneath her synthetic bodice, however is a vicious, chain smoking, ruthless martinet in spandex who metes out punishment with a cruel word and a firm hand. That hand is usually used to slap her three stoogely sons, Walt, Larry and lgner, who work for her and do her dirty work. She has had an on again off again on her again relationship with Professor Farnsworth for nearly 100 years which often coincides with her need to use his inventing prowess in her plans to for domination.

You must buy 2 other action figures to complete the build a Roberto Bot this Mom and Chef Bender are only 2 of the 4 paces to complete the Robot Devil piece.  See my other items for I only offer the other 2 in the full set of 4.  Look at the pictures and see which parts you will get with Mom and Chef Bender.

here is what Roberto bot will look like when you build him and collect all 4 pieces to make him:

berto Bot.


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