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Futurama Bender & Kif action figure Build a bot

Futurama Bender Kif Build a bot Robot Devil parts included 2 Action Figures

Futurama Bender & Kif Robot Devil Build A Bot parts 2 Toyanami Action Figures

Futurama Bender and Kif Kroker Devil Build Action Figure Futurama

Kif UPC code 816355004897.

Mint on the original card. Part of the Robot Devil. Series 3 set includes: Bender & Kif Kroker, Booze-binging Bender comes with empty bottles and cans, while Kif brings a cowboy hat.

Kif Kroker is the long-suffering first lieutenant of the Doop starship Nimbus, immediate subordinate to Zapp Brannigan, which has been the cause of many a sign of frustration. He is a native of Amphibios 9 and, accordingly, his body has a system of fluid-filled bladders instead of bones. He can shed his skin like a snake, change his color like a chameleon, climb walls like a gecko, and inflate his head to gargantuan size to frighten predators like some other creepy reptile thing.

Kif is engaged to Amy Wong but, following unprotected contact with Leela (they touched hands during a spacebound emergency), he got pregnant and birthed a mass of offspring, which Amy has agreed to parent with Kif in about 20 years

Bender UPC code 816355004880.

Bender Bending Rodriguez is a unit 22 Bending Unit made in Mexico, child number 1729 of a robotic arm mother and a father killed by a can opener. He is a heavy drinker and smoker for mechanical reasons but he pathologically steals, cheats, and lies for fun. His electricity dependency is under control. He is 40% Zinc, 40% titanium, and 40% dolomite, but he was briefly made of wood and once converted into an Olympic medalist fembot. He is a devotee of All My Circuits, having appeared on the show after serving as a water heater for its star Calculon (whom he stalked and nearly married). He toured with Beck, escaped from Robot Hell, and suffered the curse of the werecar. You know the usual stuff.

Each figure stands approximately 6 inches tall

These action figures are by Toynami

Each action figure features multiple points of articulation and character-specific accessories. Also included with each figure is one of the six pieces to assemble the 'Robot Devil'.

When you complete this collection of 6 figures that come with Robot Devil parts you will be able to create Robot Devil action figure see him here: Look at sellers other items to find the other action figures to complete your set: Lela and Captain Zapp Brannigan if you can not find the item numbers email me for them

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