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ISBB 978-0-7636-2230-5 Encyclopedia Prehistoricica Mega Beast by Robert Sabuda and Mattew Reinhart

This book is in used condition and has a scratch on the cover. Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega-Beasts Pop-Up [Book] by Robert Sabuda, Matthew Reinhart in Books

By Robert Sabuda, Matthew Reinhart - Candlewick Press (2007) - Hardback - 12 pages - ISBN 0763622303

Encyclopedia Prehistorica, a terrific compilation of facts and figures about dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts. This book focus is on the gargantuan mammals and other beasts that inhabited the planet during the Mesozoic Era, right through the ice age and almost up to the present day. These include the huge flying lizard quetzalcoatlus, prehistoric rats and bats, as well as more modern extinct animals such as the dodo. The authors' comments about the relation of such long-lost species to today's endangered animals are subtly made and well-crafted to spark discussion and contemplation among young people. The best part about this book are the pop-ups themselves. The layout of each two-page spread includes one large, somewhat imposing pop-up creature (the smilodon [saber-toothed tiger] and woolly mammoth are highlights) as well as four or more mini "booklets" that include smaller paper constructions of other animals. Readers will pore over these pages for hours, as much for the awesome feats of paper engineering and their representations of impressive prehistoric creatures as for the text.

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