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WALT Disney


Disneyland Tokyo Japan Mickey & Minnie Mouse B&W 2 Dolls

Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Dolls HARD TO FIND Collectibles

11" Velvet Dolls

Soft bodies with Pellets for sitting

Plastic eyes

Minnie has felt eyebrows

Mickey’s shorts are removableThere is a special cut out in Mickey's outfit for his long tails

Such an adorable set from Disneyland Tokyo that read Tokyo Disneyland - Walt Disney Characters

No dates on either of them

MINNIE MOUSE has original tags from Tokyo Disneyland Japan along with a tag written in Japanese all this with a special plastic tag protector, Mickey Mouse does not original tags like this. Mickey and Minnie both come with Original Cloth Tush Tags. I am listing them in used condition for I am not the original owner.

These dolls have already sold for $147.50 with $17.95 shipping cost so if you want the item number that was sold at ebay at this price please email me for it, I will be happy to share in with you. That seller Minnie Mouse had no original tags from Disneyland Tokyo like mine do and mine are in better shape!!

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