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Disney Peter Pan & Tinkerbell Laurenz Capodimonte

Mint in the original box. It has never been removed except to inspect the item. It comes with a certificate of Authenticity.

Peter Pan with TinkerBell by Enzo Arzenton

Size: 11 1/2 inches High x 8 1/2 inches Wide x 8 1/2 inches Deep

Edition Size: 417

Released: 1986


For all of us who recall with childlike wonder the magical Peter Pan, and secretly wish we had visited 'Never Land', here is a dream come true. (We've been told that each sculpture is guaranteed to make you feel young at heart and full of adventure!)

Exuding the essence of all that is Peter and Tinkerbelle, you'll find our sculpture precious in every detail.

This exquisite porcelain Capodimonte sculpture is from the Disney Laurenz Classic Collection. limited edition of: 417 pieces total made world wide. This is the Rolls Royce of Porcelains. This was created by Enzo Arzenton. He is an Italian sculptor who suddenly took ill and closed his shop in Italy. He did all the molds, fired all the pieces, and hand painted all the pieces to his perfection. This is truly a work of art.

About the Sculptor: Enzo Arzenton, a native of Vicenza Italy, has won many awards for his sculptures. These include the 'LEONE D' ORO" AND THE APOLLO D'ORO." He attended the Institute of Art in Vicenza and in 1976 received membership in the prestigious Tiberian Academy of Rome. Known as an innovative artist he developed various techniques which have made it possible to create porcelain figurines previously considered technically impossible. Strong composition, as excellent eye for detail and a gift for capturing the spirit of each subject characterized his Capodimonte sculptures. Arzenton's rendition of characters from Disney Films are considered to some of his finest work.

Tink, Tinkerbelle, Tinker Bell

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