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Capodimonte Chandelier 16 lights White & Gold New Italy GA-209/16 WG

Capodimonte Chandelier 16 LIGHTS 31 x 31 White & Gold Hand painted (New) Italy

Capodimonte Chandelier 16 lights White & Gold Hand painted (New) Italy

Capodimonte GA-209/16 WG

Size: 31" High x 31" Wide

Details:Retail Price: $1,150.00

Capodimonte Chandelier

16 Lights

Brown & Gold Finish

Hand Painted

Adorned with Fired 24 Karat Gold Paint

The finest CAPODIMONTE DIRECTLY FROM ITALY, we guarantee that this product was hand made and hand painted in the tradition that started in Italy in the 18th Century.

The chandeliers are wired, the only loose wire is the 2 wires that gets connected to the wire in the ceiling, the rest of the wiring is male female type which you just plug together.

This will come with instructions. If you need a copy of it email me for the instructions and I will be happy to send you a copy of it.

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