Buck Rogers Sunken City of atlantis 1930 die Cast metal

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Buck Rogers Sunken City of Atlantis 1930 die cast metal

Buck Rogers 25th Century fist comic strips came to line in 1929 to 1967, basin the strips from a short story out of Amazing Stories pulp magazine called Armageddon, 2412 A.D. On the back of this card it is dated 2005.

Young imaginations exploded with visions of leaving the bonds, of mother Earth and soaring into the wild blue yonder and becoming an official member of super-criminal, Killer Kane.

Translated into 18 languages and appearing in 450 newspapers Buck Rogers provided a favorite entertainment to thousands. Buck Rogers because on of the most influential characters of science fiction. He inspired characters such as: Flash Gordon, Captain Kirk, Luke Skywalker, Duck Dodgers and many many more. Five years after Buck Rogers appeared in the Sunday comics came Flash Gordon with went hear to head with Buck, competing with each other for the best science fiction Comic Strip.

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